Campsites & Vehicles

  1. One campsite consists of 2 adults and their children.
  2. Teen campers are not allowed in the resort without written permission of a parent or legal guardian.
  3. All camping materials must be contained to your designated site.
  4. Registration and payment in full must be completed before occupying your designated site.
  5. Site location identifications are clearly labeled, and must be occupied as designated. If you are unable to locate your site or are unsure that you are in the correct site please return to the office and ask for help.
  6. Check-in time ends at 9:00 pm in order to avoid disturbing others. If you are travelling from afar and will be wanting to check in later then please phone ahead and we will permit you temporary overnight parking near the office.
  7. Check-out time is 11:00 am. If you wish to stay longer you must make prior arrangements at the office. Additional costs apply. See day use rates.
  8. We are a quiet family campground. Loud music is not permitted at any time. Music must be on quiet /soft mode by 11:00pm.
  9. No one permitted to sell any goods or services within the resort without prior permission in writing from Management.
  10. Limit of one vehicle per site. Vehicles must be parked parallel to RV on site. No parking on grass or in any empty RV site. Extra vehicles are to be parked in the designated parking area. If you park in another RV site you will be charged our daily rental for that site.
  11. No washing vehicles, or watering lawns.


Reservations & Payment

  1. Reservations must be paid in full at time of registration. We ask that you please come to the office prior to your scheduled check out and make prior arrangements if you wish to stay longer than your booked stay.
  2. All reservations and payments must be made using a credit card or cash deposit.


Services: Wi-Fi, Water, Power, Sewer, Garbage, Recycling

  1. Power is limited as designated in each area. RVers who use more power, i.e. using double air conditioners or air conditioners and microwaves at the same time and trip their breaker are subject to a reset fee.
  2. All campers/ RVs using the resort’s water from public water spigots are asked to please let the water run for 5 minutes before connecting to water hook-ups. This eliminates stagnant water entering your RV unit.
  3. Sites must be cleaned before checking out. If the site is left without complete cleanup you will be charged a clean-up fee.
  4. All household garbage and recycling must be placed in the receptacles as provided by the resort. Garbage other than house hold garbage is NOT to be disposed of in our receptacles and instead removed from the resort by the camper. Discarded or broken things left in your site at the resort will be charged a site clean-up fee.
  5. Any and all decks, gravel driveways, sheds or fences must be approved by management prior to construction.
  6. Each sewage outlet has a screw cap. Please replace the cap when leaving.
  7. All RVs must have sewer connections which seal tightly.
  8. Only non-toxic and cleaning chemicals and eco-friendly toilet paper may be used in RV units connected to our septic system.



  1. Due to concerns about transfer of disease and insects we insist that NO OUTSIDE WOOD can be brought into the resort. Outside wood will be confiscated and not returned. Fire wood must be purchased from the Store. Wood ‘found’ on the resort may NOT be used for campfires.



  1. All pets must be supervised at all times and are not permitted on the beach or in the playground, day use, beach recreation or swimming areas.
  2. Campers must pick up after their pets immediately. Failure to do so will incur a $20 fee
  3. Do not tie dogs to clothing lines or fences in the resort.
  4. Daily rate for pets is $5.00 per pet per day or $30 per week or $100 per month. Dogs are free for seasonal campers and lease holders.
  5. Management reserves the right to require the owner to remove unruly, loud, aggressive or misbehaving animals from the resort immediately.


Park, Beach, Common Areas, Recreational Facilities & Activities

  1. Cedars Resort is not responsible for injury while in the park. Use of facilities is at your own risk.
  2. Keep our kids safe! The 10km/hour speed limit throughout the Resort is strictly enforced.
  3. Absolutely no fireworks or fire crackers are allowed in the Resort. If used you will be asked to leave the Resort immediately with no refund.
  4. No collecting bottles or cans in the resort.
  5. No cutting any plants or trees in the resort.
  6. No diving off our pier, boats, paddle boats or recreational equipment. The water here is much too shallow for diving!
  7. Swim at your own risk.
  8. No ski boats or jet skis are allowed here at the Resort. No boats allowed over 10hp.
  9. The use of firearms and all other weapons is strictly prohibited (including pellet or BB guns).
  10. Fires are allowed only in designated fire pits and only if permitted by provincial fire guidelines or regulations during dry seasons.
  11. No Smoking within 3 meters of any Resort building.


Vandalism, Loud Noise, Disruptions & Damage

  1. Anyone creating excessive noise and or causing vandalism is subject to immediate eviction. Any intentional damage may incur legal or financial changers and repair costs.
  2. Registered campers are at all times responsible for the conduct of themselves, their children and their guests while on resort property. All occupants are entitled to quiet enjoyment of the facilities.
  3. Resort security will enforce the rules and has the right to evict anyone breaking the rules at anytime.

Please contact our Hospitality Manager at (778) 212-2151 to book your spot at Cedars RV Resort!