Recently there has been a movement by recreational vehicle owners to purchase properties in RV communities like Cedars RV Resort where they can store and use their motor homes and campers.

People do this because they:

  • Don’t want the expense or responsibility of purchasing a vacation home or maintaining additional property
  • No longer want to pay for storage
  • Are tired of driving their rigs long distances
  • Feel that campsites have become too expensive but still want to enjoy their coaches.
  • Consider it a great real estate investment in property that is always in demand.

For many, owning a land in an RV community is the perfect way to continue enjoying their vacations without hassle.

Most owners tell us that purchasing a lot gives them a “home base”. They have a place to come home to after traveling and it is there to enjoy and share with family and friends. Monthly rent is affordable and the payments remain the same year-round, regardless of the season. Many RV parks and campgrounds raise their rates during the summer months.

There comes a time when age prevents people from going away. Having a permanent RV lot gives a person more security long term. The benefits are significant to RVers with young families who want a safe and reliable place where their children will have friends to play with and exciting things to do.

Just because you own a lot doesn’t mean you can’t take your RV somewhere else at any time. RV ownership means you have the best of both worlds! An added benefit is that Cedars RV Resort allows the owners to place their lots into a rental pool when they aren’t using it to earn extra income. Check with the office for details.

Many RVers at Cedars place park models on their lots as a permanent home, a summer cottage or weekend retreat. As more campgrounds close due to development or other concerns, it may become more difficult to be guaranteed a camping spot – by owning an RV lot, there’s the security of knowing you have a place to go to with your RV any time you wish. There are many positive factors in purchasing an RV lot, and it is worth considering it for yourself.

Welcome to Cedars RV Resort!