Recreation Vehicle owners (RVers) are moving towards owning a lot in an RV Resort such as Cedars RV Resort; as opposed to renting a lot for their RV seasonally. As more campgrounds close from redevelopment, it is becoming difficult to find a camping spot; especially during peak season. By owning an RV lot, you have the security of knowing you have a place to go when you want to go.

There are many positives in RV lot ownership, and it is worth considering for yourself.

Why RVers own instead of rent:

  • Cedars RV Resort is open year-round, allowing you to vacation anytime you wish.
  • Save on storage fees during the off-season by keeping your RV on your own lot.
  • You no longer need to drive your RV across the country to the Resort, saving you gas and hassle.
  • Monthly fees are minimal and do not increase during peak seasons.
  • It’s a great investment opportunity to pass on to loved ones for many generations to come.

Most owners tell us that purchasing a lot gives them a “home base”; a place to come home to after travelling. They also enjoy the piece-of-mind that it creates by being available to enjoy with friends and family at any time.

RV lots can also act like a vacation home, without the high cost of maintaining a home. In fact, many owners place Park Models, Destination Trailers or even Tiny Homes on their lots as the perfect summer or weekend retreat.

Owning a lot doesn’t mean you can’t take your RV on a road-trip. RV lot ownership means you have the best of both worlds! And for those interested, Cedars RV Resort allows owners to add their RV lot into the rental pool when they aren’t using it. It’s an easy way to earn additional income.

If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, contact us at (778) 212-1857 and take the first step in owning your own RV lot at Cedars RV Resort.